When asked about our Superpowers – our deepest strengths – why don’t we have an answer to that? And why are we not already working on finding them?

What even are Superpowers?

Superpowers are personal, often surprising strengths that we all have, but rarely live. They reach beyond our common skills and competences and are usually hidden behind self-doubt and us playing small – naming your Superpower should make you cringe at least a little bit.

Discovering these hidden strengths can be many things: empowering, challenging, fun, delightful, hard, slow, immediate… But for sure it will get us closer to who we really are.

Once discovered, you will learn how to use your Superpower and how to put it in action in your everyday life and job. Within our workshops and retreats, we provide an engaging, safe space and an unconventional tool that lets you uncover and dive into your own Superpowers. Curious?

Is this something for me?

In general our workshops and retreats are for anyone, curious about exploring their deepest strengths and open to engage in the process. No pre-experiences are needed and we will structure the process for you in a playful, yet committed way. What you should bring is:

  • Interest in exploring your potentials, looking for them in your personal and professional life
  • Openness for self-reflection and self-discovery
  • Willingness to share with people on the way
  • Readiness to engage in creative tools
  • Curiosity for a new perspective on yourself and your place in the world

We feel like usually people come because they are in life phases where they wonder what’s next for them, or they feel like they need to refocus or reflect on their sense of purpose, or they are looking to contribute something with their strengths, or they are just looking for positive reinforcement, or they want to spend time learning about themselves… but whatever your reason is, make sure you get it!

How does Superpower Discovery work?

  • We created an unconventional format that lets you discover everything around your Superpower, using self-exploration, design and prototyping methods through different stages.
  • You will work within a bigger group of people that will each explore their own journey and share their learnings in an engaging and safe way.
  • We supply you with playful methods and tools to create a constructive and deconstructive perspective on your Superpowers - we call them heroes and villains.
  • We use simulations and game design tools to get you to name your own Superpower.
  • You can make use of our visualization tools to do biography work, and to create your own individual cardset.
  • We structure the experience with a Superpower Discovery Tool, that allows for continuing discoveries.

What do I get out of a Superpower Discovery workshop?

  • You will experience unique state-of-the-art tools that support your self-discovery and get multiple opportunities to uncover and name your powers.
  • You will find new motivation, inspiration and insights that lead to exploring this untapped territory within you.
  • You will learn the essential elements of the “Superpower Discovery Tool” and will get insights in how to not only discover, but also live your Superpowers.
  • You will leave the workshop with a card set, documenting your individual journey which you can use to expand your Superpower Discovery phase.
  • Following up our workshop, you will get 5 Podcast episodes that will engage you in  exploring new areas in your private and professional life, using the Superpower Discovery Tool we will provide you with.
  • You will experience how unique the Superpowers of others are and that living our powers is key for ourselves and others.

Who are we?

Our backgrounds: Game Design, Anthropology, Research, Visual Art & Design, Digital Projects, Education, Facilitation, Coaching. And we love Pop Culture.

Konstantin Mitgutsch

Founder of Playful Solutions, lifecoach, game designer and MIT-veteran. Self description: Passionate explorer of life, learning and play; connecting different worlds, people and technologies to create meaningful experiences.

Superpower: Sensing the bigger picture and heart-driven leadership.

Lena Robinson

Social entrepreneur, facilitator, anthropologist and self-proclaimed astronaut. Self description: Loves creating and sharing special moments, hearing and telling stories, and ultimately, getting people fired up to do stuff.

Superpower: A fountain of joy rippling out of her, that infects others around her.

Christian Lepenik

Information designer, creative project initiator, strategic brand developer in a wild variety of projects. Interested in connecting and finding a deeper purpose in things.

Superpower: Bridging logics and creativity to help explore new meaningful coherent whole.